I'm a versatile and experienced game artist and developer based in Auckland, New Zealand looking to join a studio or small independant developer.

While I specialise 3D and 2D art and animation I can also bring a wide range of skills to your project including professional experience in level design, user interface design and translations, scripting, game design, outsourcing and project management and game testing.

Studios I've worked at include Metia Interactive, Ignite Studios and Drumleaf and I've freelanced for companies such as Mini Monster Media and Arc Interactive. Early on I worked remotely on the Unreal2k4 mod The Soulkeeper for over 2 years.

At Metia Interactive I contributed to many projects including:

When graduating with the diploma of Character Animation from Animation College and I was awarded "Best use of New Media" for creating a short film in the Unreal game engine.

For art I'm most proficent using 3ds Max and Photoshop and have experience using Maya, XSI and Flash. I have written game scripts in Javascript, Lua, Gamemaker Language, Stencyl and Action Script and have game engine experience in Unity, Unreal, Orge, Xna, Stencyl, Gamemaker and Flash.